(PM me for an industry overview template) 3) Analytics tools.

Median total compensation for MBA graduates at the Tuck School of Business surges to $205,000—the sum of a $175,000 median starting base salary and $30,000 median signing bonus.

Feb 2, 2021 · Third: In terms of things you can learn/do to prepare beforehand: 1) Daily Reading. To be eligible for the summer experience, an MBA applicant must be a first-year student in a listed two-year MBA program beginning in the fall of 2021.

class=" fc-falcon">Franklin Templeton is offering a pre-MBA equity research internship.


You can apply for a job at Bain at any time throughout the year. . fc-falcon">Scoring a pre-mba internship is hard.

class=" fc-falcon">Franklin Templeton is offering a pre-MBA equity research internship.

MBA interns from Harvard Business School earned US$13,500 per month on average in 2021 working for consulting firms. Verbal, logical and numerical test. .

New answer on Apr. May 23, 2023 · Eligible candidates must have received an invitation to interview for a summer internship role prior to completing the application.

Orientation programs are shorter and more about “getting to know you” and having fun.


00/hr. Bain has big holes relative to the other two in a few practice areas such as digital.

. Consultant (MBA/PHD) If you’ve earned a PhD, or an MBA from a renowned Business School (in addition to your university degree) or if you’ve already gained some relevant professional experience, you’ll start your career in a Consultant position.

Feb 27, 2017 · Here are some example pre-MBA “orientation” internships: Bain Diversity Pre-MBA Program; Deloitte Consulting Immersion Program; Goldman Sachs MBA Camp / Women’s Summit; Proctor and Gamble pre-MBA Brand Management Camp; JP Morgan Early Advantage; Forté Fast Track program (open to women only).

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The Be Bold MBA Scholarship is a scholarship program open. New answer on Apr. Aug 12, 2022 · Base salaries for Associates (pre advanced degree entry level) will rise to $110,000. class=" fc-falcon">Pre-Internship Opportunities. Verbal, logical and numerical test. .

2) Industry deep-dives.

You’ll also hear firsthand how to nail the recruiting process and kick start your career through our Summer Associate internship. - $28.

What stuck out to you about it? Bain’s strong company culture is one of the main reasons why it was my #1 firm pre-MBA and my internship really confirmed that.



This program is dedicated to pre-MBA students who identify as Black, Latinx or Native American.

class=" fc-smoke">May 1, 2023 · Program Overview.